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Job Title : Business Technical Writer

  We are looking for a Business Technical Writer who has excellent writing skills and is able to translated complex topics into simple, process oriented concepts. This person will work with our North American client and is a very independent position where you can Work from Home.

 Fluency in English at Native Language is Must

  • Experience writing technical corporate training materials
  • You have experience in writing Business Technical articles, columns in Newspapers and other publications 
  • Understanding of Business and Technology
  • Ability to join in Meetings and ask Intelligent Process Questions
  • WORK from HOME
  • 2-3 Years Minimum Experience


  • Min bachelor’s degree in English, business or related education
  • Experience in corporate business environment
    • Needs to be highly professional as we work with senior executives
    • Proficient in English; good listener, strong communicator and highly collaborative
    • Efficient at managing their own time to ensure timely delivery of work products
    • Self motivated and conscientious
    • Able to handle deadlines and pressure of sometimes delivering on short timeframes
  • Writing style is clear, concise yet mature (a highly competent professional tone)
  • Have extensive business writing experience
  • Experience with the following work products
    • Corporate training materials
    • Course development
    • Script writing
    • Whitepapers
    • Ghost writing for blogs, long form articles
    • Marketing copywriting would be an asset but not mandatory
  • Understand business technology content – very important
    • Knowledge of Business Processes and Technology
    • Ability to Understand Complex Concepts and Document the Solutions in Simple Steps
  • Other important skills
    • Excellent researcher
    • Creative & be able to expand on ideas
    • Ability to simplify complex ideas and concepts – chunking out content into easily understood components. Understanding how to order ideas so they ladder up to a bigger more complex idea
    • Understand the value of storytelling in business (the use of analogies and anecdote humanizes business content)

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