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Our Journey to reach Global Talent

We are a husband and wife team who started our entrepreneurial journey more than 10 years ago by launching our first successful outsourcing project. Our dedication, teamwork and our mantra that failure is not an option led us to launch our office in North Macedonia in 2016. Today, our journey includes teams members from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Pakistan


Our values are at the core of what we do, how we interact with each other, our team members, customers and the community at large.



Postitivity in what we do, how we accomplish our tasks, how we communicate with team members, candidates, and clients is reflective in our teams success

Team Work


Understanding each other, building relationships and bridges to execute projects, tasks and achieving a common goal of delivering excellence is what team work means to us.

Honesty and Trust


Believing in our team and doing the right thing in personal and professional engagements

Share With Us Your Talent Needs

Share Your Business Needs

Let us know if you your challenge is driven by coverage, cost, or challenge to find local resources

Build The Model That Meets Your Need

Let us know if you your challenge is driven by coverage, cost, or challenge to find local resources

Finalize the Services You Require

The skillset, the support, the coverage you need can all be translated into a SLA.

Scale Your Team

A customer success manager will help you through the process and ensure a seamless integration.

Doing the Thing we Enjoy

Doing the things we enjoy whether its meeting friends, working out, going for a bicycle ride or hiking enable us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. onecontact TECH is helping team members to maintain work life balance by setting human work schedules and providing them the flexibility to work remotely.


Recruiting Top Talent is what We Love

Work with onecontact TECH talent acquisition team and reach global talent effortlessly. Visit our Head Office in North Macedonia or Toronto Canada.

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