QA Automation Services

We help you at all levels of Test Pyramid

Creating tests and having them distributed at different levels of Pyrmaid requires a team with a variety of skills. onecontact TECH QA Manual and Automation team can help you fill the talent gaps to enable you deliver projects on time.

QA Automation, Manual and API Testing

onecontact TECH dedicated resource model is designed to help organizations meet the qaulity standards within the cost, time, and scope constraints. To help your organization manage these constraints onecontact TECH automation team focuses on building QA Automation solutions that are integrated into your CI/CD process.

  • Expertise in Selenium, Playwright, Cypress and other tools

  • Continuous Education and Cross Training

  • Effective Communication Skills Training

Exploratory Testing with onecontact TECH

Exploartory testing is an art and a science where testers take the liberty to test and application in ways that are not documented in storyboards or specifications. Exploratory testing goals are different from Manual testing as it is not focused on the steps that are documented in the user stories or requirement documents. Our QA automation team tests application so it can:

  • Test the application beyond what is documented

  • Work on scenarios which utilize Exploratory Testing Frameworks

  • Complementing manual testing with Exploartory Testing and reducing Risk

API Testing Services

The cost of Testing API is much less than finding bugs through UI testing. Our team focuses on the service layer so the number of tests needed for UI can be reduced.

Integration Testing Services

End to End testing or testing how different components are interacting requires knowledge of all the pieces involved. onecontact TECH team augments your team with Engineers that can help you achieve your integration testing goals.

A Bundled Resource Model
that Meets your Business Needs

  • We work with you to understand your QA team needs

  • Eliminating the need to Recruit/Hire/Manage/ and Train teams

  • Reducing Total Cost of Service and mitigating risk