Student Technology Center

Communication and Collaboration that sets you apart from the Competition.

The future of any country or organization relies on the education and professional skill set of its youth. Countries like India came out of nowhere and are now dominating the world because of the education and skills its workforce has to offer.

onecontact TECH Goal is to contribute to the local Economy and help the young generation achieve its goals and ambitions by helping them through various services and education that will help individuals become future leaders.


Free Monthly Sessions

  • Writing CV and Cover Letters
  • Understanding Organizational Point of View
  • Career Counseling

Why onecontact TECH Technology Bootcamps

  • Learn Online and in-Class
  • Internships with Local and International Organizations
  • Communication and Conversational Skills Development
  • Career Counseling
  • Local and North American Instructor

onecontact TECH Technology Bootcamps

At onecontact TECH our goal is to deliver best of the both worlds by creating an education system which builds on local talent and augments it with North American Software talent.